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Shelving and racking systems are a fundamental component of any distribution, storage, or material handling operation. The right shelving or racks allow rapid access to stored or mounted materials, as well as a dependable, ergonomic product storage solution. Both systems maximize facility space while simplifying inventory requirements.


Examples of available shelving and racks include:

Steel Shelving

We carry the entire product line of shelving and storage systems from Western Pacific Storage Solutions including:

  • RiveTier Boltless Shelving
  • Pacific Shelving
  • Deluxe Box Shelf System
  • Industrial Structures

RiveTier Boltless Shelving Line
In 1968, RiveTier I was introduced as a replacement for frame systems. Made out of metal and lumber, with slotted angles and heavy-duty upright parts engineered left to right, this system was ready to take on the world.

Over time this model was updated, tested, and finally reproduced as RiveTier II: the next generation of groundbreaking boltless shelving. Manufactured from the same high quality steel as RiveTier I, its premium design offers momentous advantages:

  • Common T-posts serve as an economical starter or adder system
  • Mitred beams reduce the number of parts—eliminating the need for separate left-to-rights (LR’s) and front-to-backs (FB’s).
  • Low cost units—lower cost per shelf than RiveTier I
  • Heavy duty posts available for catwalk systems
  • Four beam styles handle all capacity requirements
  • Assembles faster than metal shelving and requires no sway braces
  • An ideal replacement for metal shelving

RiveTier benefits:

  • Reduces installation costs by 30-40% over bolted shelving
  • Reduces product costs
  • Rapid assembly, requiring less than half the time of other systems
  • No clips, corner gussets, nuts, bolts, or cutting required
  • No sway or cross braces needed
  • Unobstructed shelf access from all four sides
  • Completely freestanding
  • Adaptable and adjustable—easy to add on to from any side
  • Heights up to 20 feet or more without splices
  • Shelves adjust at 1-1/2” increments
  • Standard stock color is gray—special colors available

Other Shelving

  • Open and Closed Shelving
  • Mezzanines
  • Cat Walks
  • Canopies
  • Break Rooms


  • Selective Pallet Rack
  • Push Back Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Drive in Rack
  • Pallet Flow
  • Carton Flow
  • Pick Module
  • Structural Rack
  • Used Rack
  • Case Flow Rack

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